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The Launch of the ‘Home of the Penalty Kick' Website

 In 1890, Mr William Mc Crum from Milford gave football the penalty kick, arguably world sports’ most dramatic rule.

The young goalkeeper got little or no credit and the penalty rule passed into history as a happy accident. But then who could have foretold just how important the kick would have become, going on to decide the outcome of some of the world’s greatest cup competitions.

A group of locals from Milford established the Milford Penalty Kick Project Team and seek to promote Milford as the home of the penalty kick. The team wish to advertise and celebrate their link to the world of football.

Over the years groups of football fans from various European countries and premiere league players have made the journey to Milford to see where the penalty kick was invented.

To cater for the interest from abroad and at home, a website is being launched, developed by local company, Bluefish: www.homeofthepenaltykick.com. Not only will the website inform people about the legacy of the Mc Crum family, how the penalty kick came about, its journey to the rule book and its adoption world wide, but it will also serve to promote Milford as a tourist attraction.

The website will also act as an information resource for all young people interested in goalkeeping and soccer and we hope it will become a hub where people can come for information and links to other sports organisations.

For more information on the website and the calendar you can contact 028 37510316 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Calendar is on sale in Eurospar, Armagh City Shopping Mall, and all of the proceeds will go to the promotion of the Milford Penalty Kick Project.

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